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Food service is looking for substitutes.

If interested, please contact Mary Palen at 978-694-6064 Ext 143

We want to make sure you enjoy your breakfast & lunch safely
  • All refrigerated items should be kept cold, under 41 degrees
  • All frozen food should be kept frozen until ready to heat
  • Discard any items after 5 days
  • All food is fully cooked but you may choose to microwave some items if you do please:
    • remove all wrapping and use microwave safe dish
    • lunch and breakfast items such as breakfast sandwiches have heating instructions and should be heated until internal temperature of 165 degrees
Ingredients in Chicken Patties and Nuggets in the 10/8 Combo boxes

Chicken Patties
Chicken Nuggets

Meals For All Students

Wilmington Food Services will continue to put forward best efforts to feed our students during this time and will be preparing bagged breakfasts and lunches out of our kitchen at Wilmington High School. These meals will be available for any students, regardless of which school you attend in the District, and will be prepared in our safe and sanitary environment by Wilmington staff.

You may pick up all breakfast and lunches outside the Events Entrance at WHS (off of Adams Street) every Wednesday from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. We ask you pull your vehicle up to the curb, pop your car trunk or hatch and we will gladly place the meals inside your vehicle.

Please email any questions to Mary Palen, Administrator of Food Services at

This is available to all students, including students attending other schools outside the district, residing in Wilmington.

If you have any questions, please call Mary Palen at 978-694-6064 or contact me via email

Thank you,

Mary Palen
Administrator of Food Services
Wilmington Public Schools

P-EBT Program Available

The P-EBT (Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer) initiative will allow more families to receive assistance for food for students. Please see the attached flyers for more information.
P-EBT Flyer
P-EBT - What You Need To Know

Meal Prices*

PreK - Grade 5 = $2.75

Grades 6 - 12 = $3.00 - $3.25

Milk = $0.60

*Lunch includes: main dish or alternative choice, vegetable, fruit/juice and milk

Breakfast Is Available Before Classes Begin For Students 6-12

Did you know that breakfast is available for all students at school every morning? Studies show that a hungry student doesn't learn as well as a student who has started their day off with a healthy breakfast. Hungry students' attention spans are less than those students who are full and ready to learn. So, encourage your student to stop in the cafeteria for breakfast before they go off to their classroom.

Senior Citizen Lunch Program

As a partner in community wellness, the Food Service Department offers the Senior Citizen home-delivered and congregate meals program, currently located at the West Intermediate School. For more details, please contact the Food Service Office at (978) 694-6064 or the Senior Center at (978) 657-7595.


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